J. Quijano is a reputable and dynamic law firm comprised of professionals with more than 20 years of practice and proficiency in providing legal counsel and assistance on various matters in Panama.

Our practice extends to the incorporation, organization, and management of companies, Private Interest Foundations, Limited Liability Companies, and Trusts in Panama and the incorporation of offshore corporations in other jurisdictions such as the British Virgin Islands, Belize, Delaware, and Uruguay. We offer advice on multiple commercial, banking, estate, tax, and personal transactions and assistance in opening offshore bank accounts.

Corporate Law

Our offices provide the required assistance in the incorporation, organization, and management of offshore corporation and Private Interest Foundations widely used at all times with the purpose of carrying out reliable tax and estate planning of our clients worldwide.

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Offshore Corporations

According to Panama Corporate Law, Law 32 of 26th February 1927, two (2) or more persons of lawful age, of any nationality even though not domiciled in Panama, may form a corporation for any lawful purpose or purposes.

Private Interest Foundations

As from 1927, it is common knowledge that Panama has been establishing other types of legal entities other than corporations, as new vehicles for tax and estate planning with specific advantages for our local and international clientele under the legal name of “Private Interest Foundation”.


Practice Areas

J. Quijano offers a wide variety of services in different practice areas. Check out our Practice Areas section for more information.