Annual Corporate Tax Payment

The annual corporate tax is the tax established by law that must be paid annually by corporations and Private interest foundations during the periods established by article 318-A of the Tax Code as follows:

First Period January 1 to June 30 15 de julio
Second Period July 1 to December 31 15 de enero

Any taxpayer who fails to pay its corporate annual tax within the periods described above will be surcharged with US$50.00. Failure to pay corporate tax for two (2) consecutive periods will be sanctioned with a fine of US$300.00.

Finally, if the taxpayer allows three (3) years to elapse without paying the annual corporate tax will not only be sanctioned with the corresponding surcharges and the fine of US$300.00 but also with a strike-off fine of US$1,000.00, thus rendering the corporation or private interest foundation inactive.

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