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Offshore Bank Accounts


Offshore Bank Accounts

Considering the fact that Panama is the most active banking and financial center in Latin America, our law firm provides the required assistance and guidance in the process of opening any type of offshore bank account which may be duly arranged under an offshore Corporation, Private Interest Foundation or personal scheme. The banking entities to which we refer our clients have a long history and solidity in Panama always offering the necessary security and flexibility to manage banking transactions remotely. Any offshore corporation and Private Interest Foundation with an established bank account in Panama will enjoy the following benefits:

  • The management, operations, and transactions of the account will be carried out in the legal currency of Panama which is equivalent to the US Dollar (US$).

  • Funds arising from dividends or profits from any overseas source are not subject to any tax or disclosure to local authorities.

  • No tax is payable over the interests raised by such an account.

  • The confidentiality of everything concerning the account is guaranteed by the banking secrecy as an internationally established and recognized policy since more than a half-century ago.

  • The normal operation and management of the account can be carried out remotely through the internet worldwide.

  • The banks established in Panama are considered the most stable and reliable bank entities in the world.

To obtain the approval of an offshore bank account in Panama, either in the name of an offshore company or foundation, the client must provide the following documents:

  • Copy of the Public Deed of incorporation

  • Certificate of existence of the corporation or foundation issued by the Public Registry of Panama

  • Photocopy of the main page of the passports of the persons who will be the signatories, of the persons who will be the officers of the corporation or foundation, and of the persons who will be the final beneficiaries (shareholders)

  • Copy of a second identification (identity certificate or personal identity card or driver’s license) of the signatory(s), corporate officers and beneficial owners (shareholders)

  • Bank reference letters of the signatory(s), officers and beneficial owners (shareholders)

  • Brief description of the profile of the client, its suppliers, estimated average turnover, etc.

  • Personal and/or corporate financial statements of the beneficial owners (shareholders) of the company


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