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Litigation And Dispute Resolution

Litigation And Dispute Resolution

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Litigation And Dispute Resolution

In this area of practice, we are well recognized when representing our clients on litigation or arbitration proceedings in Panama. Each and every case is carefully analyzed and studied prior to determining the correct path to solve the dispute and achieve the desired result. Based on the experience sustained throughout our long-standing career, in some cases, we will recommend either pursuing the matter in court or reaching to a settlement with the other party.

Our representation in this field covers the following kind of disputes:

  • Breach of Commercial Contracts

  • Personal Injury

  • Damages

  • Insurance Claims

  • Evictions

  • Real Estate

  • Probate Proceedings

  • Condominium Fees Collection

  • Bankruptcy Proceedings

  • Ordinary and Executive Proceedings

  • Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments or Arbitral Awards

Furthermore, we also advise and assist our clients in drafting and reviewing negotiable documents such as promissory notes, payment agreements, affidavits, and related documents describing any credits granted to safeguard the debt upon default of payment.

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