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Yacht Registration

Application for Yacht Registration can be filed at the Directorate General of Merchant Marine of the Panama Maritime Authority (“DIGEMAR”) or any Consulate of Panama abroad.  When the application for registration is presented in Panama, DIGEMAR will issue the Navigation and Radio Licenses upon receipt of the documents and payment of the corresponding fees of US$1,000.00 (one thousand dollars), for Panamanian citizens or corporations, or US$1,500.00 (fifteen hundred dollars) for non-Panamanian citizens. The permanent navigation patent is valid for two (2) years.

If the documents are not readily available the owner can apply, through a Consulate of Panama or directly in Panama, for a temporary registration for which Provisional Navigation and Radio licenses will be issued which are only valid for six (6) months. The permanent registration process must be completed during these six (6) months.

Information Required:

  • Name of the vessel to be registered under Panama flag.

  • Owner’s name and address.

  • Present name of the vessel; Present flag registry.

  • Name of the authority in charge of the radio accounts.

  • Place and date of building; Name of the shipyard/builder.

  • Number of decks, masts, and funnel; Material of the hull.

  • Main measurements (length-over-all, beam, and depth); Tonnage: gross / net.

  • Type and number of engines; cylinders and horsepower of each engine.

  • Brand or name of manufacturers of engines; Speed of the vessel.

  • Type of call letters (radiotelephone, radiotelegraph, or both).

  • Navigation region and name of the operation base that will maintain communication with the vessel.

Documents Required:

  • Bill of Sale with a Notarized certification that states that the sellers are the legal owners of the vessel, that the person acting on their behalf is duly authorized to do so, as well as the authenticity of his signature and the Acceptance of Sale executed by the buyer in the same form.
  • Builder’s Certificate with a Notarized certification stating that the person acting on behalf of the shipyard/builder is authorized to do so as well as the authenticity of his signature (applicable to new buildings), or a Notarized Deletion Certificate from the present registry (if the vessel was registered in another port).
  • Power of Attorney appointing us as the Legal Representative of the vessel to act before the Directorate General of Merchant Marine.
  • Affidavit of Non-Commercial Use.
  • Radio application form.

All the documents issued abroad (not in Panama) and the Notary’s signature must be authenticated by the Consulate of Panama at the place of execution or by the Apostille.

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