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Immigration Law

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Immigration Law

One of our most reputable practice areas is immigration law. Our experts have an extensive knowledge on advising and handling the immigration process swiftly for foreigners and employees of multinational companies established in Panama.

Our expertise here extends to the following resident visas and work permits:

  • Friendly Nations Visa

  • Retirees & Pensioner Visa

  • Private Income Retiree Visa

  • Self-Solvency Visa

  • Permanent Residency Visa for Italian Citizens

  • Reforestation Visa

  • Married to Panamanian Visa Program

  • Foreign Professional Visa Program

  • Domestic worker Visa (Maids)

  • Panamanian Citizenship

  • Panama Canal Zone
    Citizenship Program

  • Multiple Exit and Entry Visa

  • Student Visa

  • US Citizens Stay Visa program

  • Work Permits for foreigners as 10% of workforce

  • Work Permits for experts of technicians as 15% of workforce

  • Marrakech agreement Work Permits

  • Work Permit as Professional foreigner

  • Work Permit as Headquarters of Multinational Companies employee

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