Representation at the Ministry of Labor and Labor Courts

We provide representation and assist companies in claims or complaints filed by workers against them at the Ministry of Labor and Labor Development in the Individual Conciliation Act.

In this practice area, we also offer judicial representation in the following types of claims before the Conciliation and Decision Boards of the Ministry of Labor:

  • Unjustified dismissals.
  • Reinstatement and lost wages.
  • Claims of any nature and amount up to US$1,500.
  • Claims of any nature and amount for domestic workers.

And before the Labor Courts for:

  • Disputes arising out of employment contracts.
  • Justified resignations due to causes attributable to the employer.
  • Occupational risks.
  • Unlawful deduction of wages.
  • Violation of maternity leave.
  • Impairment of working conditions.
  • Authorization for dismissal of a worker under maternity leave.
  • Authorization for alteration of working conditions.
  • Executive Proceedings and Seizures.
  • Consignment and payment of post-mortem benefits.
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